ARCHIVE: publication
Café Murasaki is started from the client’s proposal which plan to renovate a row houses to be café. In the beginning, the function is not specific, so the first idea started from the location that standing in sub urban area of Bangkok. Due to the reason of hard to access, the function is created under the idea of flexible which could adapt in various usability such as “coffee shop” that provide space for co-working, meeting or relaxing in the morning, “mini bar” that provide space for recessing or socialize.
Café Murasaki has divided into 2 areas. The high ceiling area is the common area which consist of many activities. By the way, steel frame that above the counter is not only designed for aesthetic reason, it used to represent the usability in the café. In daily hours, the steel frame is used to hang the menu and glasses but it has possibility to transform to place for lighting installation when party started. Another remaining area with low ceiling is proposed to be privacy space for meeting or enjoying side dish.
However, the interesting of this project is not the finally result but how it will be in next 5 or 10 years after this area has developed.
: Soi Kumnunmean 13, Bangwa Bangkok Thailand
: Mr. Teera Monmai
Project year
: 2015
: Tinnaphop Chawatin