Bangson House
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When the new purple sky train line which connects from the north of Bangkok to the west outbound of the city was opened, it has affected the development along the railway probably. The many estates have been established typically. However, one couple had decided to settle their house on 10x10 meters land approximately where it is not far from the Bangson station instead of being to be a high ground tribe as typical.

First of all, the main condition was how to manage a small land regarding the building control, 1meters and 2metters at the front of the house was set back for example, with any conditions from the regulation, the requirement from the client had been revised before the project got started after that the programs from the client have been considered and recomposed to the appropriated hierarchy through the three stores.

The hall on the second floor is the main result, the double volume which provides a small area to living and working area without air condition. The tiny hall welcomes the users when they have arrived from exhausted hardworking and also distributes the fascinating quality of natural light by the windows over the hall include the leak sunlight from the trapezoid ventilation boxes before sunset. The connects between the living hall and bedroom corridor include with the outside terrace on the third floor was increased the quality of the area. The tiny house which contains the double space seems to contrast, maybe it should add another bedroom on the third floors but the house proposal aims to create quality life more than the effective economic of using area.

However, the decreasing importance of functions was the consequence of the double high ceiling on the second floor. A kitchen and dining area was taken effect. Usually, the dining area and living area have to connect and the kitchen is also separated into Thai-kitchen and typical kitchen but the priority was dropped even though a hob and hood still remain as usual. the reason for reducing the kitchen is an unique behavior of the user when compared with the adorable and reliable hall on the second floor is totally acceptable.

In the end, Bangson house is not a perfect design house because it has many unique details which only the owner could accept all incomplete results. Without the negotiation in the design process is quite untypical but architect and clients have educated and exchanged each other for the effort result on a small land. Hope the tiny house could response to the basic requirement from the couple with good effort.

: Pompetch Sakornteerawt
Design Director
: Wattikon Kosonkit
Interior design
: Wipada Simthamnimit
Design Team
: Supanna Chanpensri,Wen Hsiang Hsu,Gultida Maneewong,Chaowapol Watcharasukarn
Completion years
: 2016
Project Loacation
: Bangson district Bangkok, Thailand
: Ketsiree Wongwan