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The Happynest article from clients.

"The Happynest" project was started in 2018. The project scope is to build the new campus for the group of companies to consolidate Office and Distribution centre together on the eastern motorway road, Bangkok. The land plot size is 6400 sqm., which will utilize for the construction in this phase only 50% and leave the remaining to serve as the green space. We aim to build better facilities for business and our people, and it should look nice and timeless. "happy nest" mixed from 2 words "happiness" and "nest" which truly represent the characteristic of our office. We have a total of 70 people and 40 people are working as the Vet consultant. They will mostly work with our customers in the field across the country and will come back to the head-office only 7 days/month for a monthly strategic meeting, so we compare them like a bird flying back to their nest, and the month-end time is a very happy time for us, lively, noisy and happy.

We had begun our draft by putting all core requirements into the design, and in the end, we have the initial design that can serve all of the functions but the design looked very ordinary. However, we decided to reach out to FATTSTUDIO at the last minute when the structure was being constructed on schedule. It was like the renovation of the project first design as the civil construction was moving forward so time is our main concern. We tried to brief the concept, mood and tone of the design that we would have a friendly, collaborative and minimal office design. We had informed every the specific requirement of each department that they need to incorporate into the new interior design and we were also concerned about the energy-efficient building, that could utilize the natural light but can prevent the heat at the same time, so the facade design was also the first important requirement for our architect. The architect and interior team had to understand all the current function-based and polish it's with a better design.

           I believe the good office design should improve the work-life of the user, most important is function follow with nice design. Not just for the nice illustration on the magazine or for the studio portfolio commercializing. To do this, a designer should spend a lot of time to interview, listen and observe the real nature of work of the user in each department. FATTSTUDIO had done that surprisingly, they came to visit our old office, observe, ask and listen to understand the environments and need in each team.

We iterated the designs and eventually can finalize the design within the urgent timeline and The Happynest was fully completed in April 2020 after that the office moved in at the end of the month.

           As a result, the users are very happy with their work-life. At the same time, they were also fascinated with the new design office. We have a nice modern twin lobby to serve different purposes. We have a lively and colourful canteen. Our account offices have a massive folder wall and noise suppression printer room and we also have multiple size meeting and seminar rooms to use as the common meeting area. On the other hand, our nerd technical support group has a gigantic design library shelf to collect all massive textbooks. The massive department has the flow of open space when they head back to the nest. All our goals have been completed and a good environment has been delivered from design. In our office doesn’t have anything new, It means such a creative or innovative design, we don’t require all such things. My mission is to evaluate the quality of working life and so appreciate when moving in.

Completion years
: 2019
Project Loacation
: East mortorway, Bangkok