The renovation of CLASSE Home
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        In some families, purchasing properties houses or fully furnished houses may not meet their specific needs, especially in Bangkok and suburban areas. Homeowners often resort to remodeling the surrounding areas of the house to make them more functional. This could involve extending the backyard to create a traditional Thai kitchen or expanding theguest room to an area where cars can be parked. These remodeling projects have become quite common for customers in current housing developments.

        In this particular project, we have made adjustments considering the basic needs of a family preparing for the arrival of their daughter and attempting to minimize the usage of external space. The project starts by utilizing the lower floor space, which previously separated the kitchen from the living room. The existing kitchen was too small and impractical. Additionally, part of the kitchen area was used as a staircase area. Therefore, the initial challenge was to expand the space between the sitting area, dining area, and the preparation area while maintaining maximum efficiency and minimizing disturbance to the neighbors.

        The first step was to construct a staircase leading to the first floor using the available backyard space, totaling 10 square meters. The newly designed staircase measured 2x5 meters and provided an area beneath it that could be used as a laundry and drying area. The door from this space connected to the green area at the back, allowing clothes to be dried there or providing direct access to the front of the house, depending on the time of day. By redirecting the main traffic flow to the rear side, the kitchen area of 10 square meters could be fully utilized as a kitchen and food preparation area. The previous sitting area was allocated as a full dining space, and the remaining sitting area was designed to accommodate both dining and television viewing. It could also serve as a space for preparing meals while watching TV. As for the office area on the lower floor, it was customized to meet the specific requirements of the homeowner. On the first floor, the landing space was transformed into a server room, which became the core of the house, serving as a future space for the youngest daughter. The main bedroom was also redesigned to optimize space for accommodating both a child's bed and the parents' bed simultaneously. Furthermore, the wardrobe was expanded to maximize its capacity.

Current home renovations offer numerous possibilities and can be seen widely across online platforms, such as reviews, vlogs, and influential figures in the online world, as well as advertisements from contracting companies. These renovations aim to fulfill the specific needs of each homeowner, and the details can vary greatly. By doing so, we can create a home that fully satisfies their requirements, while also incorporating personal preferences and expressing the owner's emotions. Such personalized designs may draw inspiration from others' preferences or other forms of advertising.

: Ake Tang
Design Director
: Wattikonk Kosonkit
Interior design
Design Team
: Surapat Phuen-Muang
Completion years
: 2020
Project Loacation
: Classe house, Kaset-Nawamin Road Bangkok Thailand
: Ketsiree Wongwan